Ear Irrigation

Water irrigation ear wax removal is a safe method of ear cleaning for people who are comfortable with it. The water irrigation/ Ear Syringing solution is carefully warmed to body temperature for comfort and gentle pulse pressure water flow is used to clear the wax from the ear.

Guardian ProJet Ear Irrigator


When should I seek professional help for Ear Wax Problems?

Earwax usually isn’t a problem, except when it causes one of the following issues;

Reduced Hearing
Hearing aids stop working or whistles
Skin irritation
Trapped water

Are Water Irrigation & Ear Syringing the same thing?

Not really. Irrigation tends to use purpose made pulse pressure water flow to ensure a safe procedure. It is a far safer and more effective method of ear cleaning than syringing ever was. It uses an ear irrigation machine to remove earwax with a carefully controlled flow of water. The machine gently pumps water into the ear canal at a controlled and steady rate through a specially designed nozzle. The water simply washes the ear wax away.

Not everyone is suitable for earwax removal by Irrigation. 

If you have had middle ear surgery, ear perforation or frequent ear infections micro suction would be a safer option

What happens during the Water Irrigation/ Ear Syringing appointment?

Case history
Video otoscopy of the ear canals and eardrums
Removal of the ear wax
Video otoscopy for re-examination and to show you the clear ear canal