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Joe Henderson-tang
Joe Henderson-tang
10:25 15 Apr 21
Trim was a very professional and personable audiologist. My ear blockage was diagnosed immediately and microsuction... carried out. I can hear again! Furthermore, he recommended a product which should help to prevent further blockages and thus more visits to him! Counterproductive to his business but good for my wallet! Thanks Tim.read more
Mark Jones
Mark Jones
21:17 13 Mar 21
I had experienced real frustration and stress with a muffled, blocked ear. I had terrible ringing in my right ear. Tim... was great - he took images of my ears, let me know the plan and thirty minutes later I could hear again! No tinnitus. It was actually quite relaxing and satisfying to the cause of the blockage come out...I’ll spare the details. Excellent and I feel so much better. Highly recommended for calmness, clarity and outcome.read more
Alex Harker
Alex Harker
21:01 20 Feb 21
An excellent service. Tim is patient, thorough and extremely knowledgeable, taking the time to explain issues in detail... and answer all questions. His manner is very understanding and approachable and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone with concerns about or issues with their hearing.read more
Darren keyworth
Darren keyworth
10:04 15 Aug 20
Tim is an excellent practitioner, nothing was too much effort as both my ears were seriously impacted & took a lot of... time & effort on Tim & myself doing home treatment in order to clear both my earsI would seriously recommend seeing Tim in you are in need of any ear treatment & I will be seeing him again in the near futureread more
Nick Firth
Nick Firth
14:29 28 Jul 20
really nice experience
Marcus A Nevitt
Marcus A Nevitt
15:01 13 Jul 20
Excellent service and careful/ patient explanation of my hearing issues.
Michael Brook
Michael Brook
20:43 01 Jun 20
I had been considering new hearing aids for a number of months and was recommended to Tim Husband who has provided a... knowledgeable service for me. I have had several consultations to consider the options available and these were conducted in a friendly and efficient manner, with plenty of time allowed. I am delighted with the new aids.read more
Izzy Galsworthy
Izzy Galsworthy
11:25 19 May 20
Audiologist was great, welcoming and very informative. Had earwax microsuction and 12 days of pain was fixed within a... 30 minute appointment . Was seen to very quickly and receptionist was lovely and welcoming. Would recommend the audiologist to anyone with ear problems that doesn't want to wait weeks and weeks for the GP . Thank you!read more
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All our hearing aids come with a free five year extended manufacturers’ warranty, unlimited aftercare and two years of consumables from the date of fitting

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Sheffield, Rotherham, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, Barnsley and surrounding areas


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Our Principal Clinical Audiologist

Tim Husband RHAD, Dip. Ed. Hearing Therapy, RCCP, HCPC, MSHAA

Tim is a registered Clinical Audiologist, Hearing Aid Dispenser and Hearing Therapist based in Sheffield specialising in the Rehabilitation of Hearing Loss and Tinnitus. He is ENT trained in ear wax removal and Endoscopic ear examination.

For two decades he has worked as a Chief Audiologist and Hearing Therapist within the NHS. He was previously the lead in Adult Rehabilitation in an NHS Health Trust specialising in complex hearing losses and Tinnitus Management. Currently he runs a multiple centre community Audiology NHS service across Wakefield and North Kirklees. Tim and his team are trusted by the NHS to deliver over 2000 patient care pathways every year.

He is also a national assessor in Audiology for The United Kingdom Assessment Service (UKAS)

He has a special interest in the management of Hearing Loss, Tinnitus and noise sensitivity (Hyperacusis)

Tim is the Clinical Director of Tinnitus UK

Because of his expertise he has been asked to deliver lectures to:

European Tinnitus Course

University College London Tinnitus Masterclass

British Tinnitus Association Annual Conference

RNID in Northern Ireland

He is a peer reviewer of Tinnitus research for the International Journal of Audiology and third author on a research paper examining the management of Low Frequency Noise Complaint

Professional honours:

Former Chair of the British Academy of Audiology Professional Development

Council member of the British Society of Audiology

Chair of the BSA Adult Rehabilitation Interest Group


April 2008, British Academy of Audiology Magazine – Doing CPD or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Like Working with a Mentor

ENT News – Book review: Tinnitus Retraining Therapy Clinical Guidelines

Published, BSA News, May 2009 – Shocking News About Tabletop Sound Generators

Published, http://www.thebsa.org.uk Response to the DoH document; Provision of Services for Adults with Tinnitus: A Good Practice Guide

DEFRA/DoH – Low Frequency Noise Research

Published, Vol. 20 No.1 2009 – BTA Quiet Magazine -18 week Tinnitus Good Practice Guide Article

BTA Quiet Magazine – Write up of the European Tinnitus Course

BSA Magazine – More in depth write up of ETC for professional magazine

BAA Magazine – Benefits of BSA Membership

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that hearing aids can be a bit of an unknown quantity for most people. Why not try before you buy? With Hearing Therapy Ltd you can. Come and be assessed at our easily accessible office at High Trees Clinic in Dore and you can leave with our excellent Flex Trial hearing aids for a two week trial to see if they are for you

We use Microsuction instead of traditional ear irrigation. We visualise your ear canal using clinical Loupe microscope and clinical Endoscope. Prior to treatment we take an image of your ear canal and we also take an image after treatment to reassure you that your treatment has been effective.

For most people irrigation can be a safe if quite noisy treatment. There is a slightly increased risk of creating an infection through washing bacteria laden water down the ear canal. More serious is the risk of irrigating an ear with a perforation. This can create a long-lasting and difficult to treat middle ear infection. Usually patients are aware if they have a perforated ear drum but a surprising number of people don’t know. Why take the risk when microsuction only removes unwanted wax and does not push anything else into the ear canal?

Quite naturally most people when considering buying hearing aids first think of invisible in the ear hearing aids. These can be very effective and comfortable and also very discreet. Somethings to bear in mind are that due to their size they usually don’t have the connectivity of their bigger siblings, i.e. connecting to your mobile phone, assistive listening devices, landline etc. The batteries due to their size also don’t last as long. And finally being a custom hearing aid if something goes wrong they usually need to be sent back to the manufacturer for repair. A small receiver in the ear hearing aid can be almost as hard to spot but is far easier to maintain in most cases. They can also benefit from the new rechargeable hearing aid battery technologies.

At Hearing Therapy Ltd we believe that a detailed diagnostic assessment is essential to understanding our patients needs and offering them appropriate advise. Without doing this conditions of the ear can be missed that would otherwise have needed to be referred to an Ear, Nose and Throat Consultant.

If you book into our clinic for a hearing test there is a £50 fee refunded when making a purchase of £500 or more. For a home visit we do charge £30 but this is also refunded if you go ahead with a >£500 purchase

What can be done to help tinnitus?

The understanding most people have is that tinnitus can’t be treated. While it is true that there is currently no routine medicine we can certainly help a great deal with its intrusive nature. One of the main and most successful interventions is correction of any hearing loss. We also use relaxation techniques and teach patients how to repair damaged sleep patterns. Education and training in effective coping strategies is also helpful

For their small size private digital hearing aids can seem to be excessively expensive. Why is this?

In order to develop ever more effective, intelligent and connected hearing aids manufacturers need to spend millions of pounds in research and development. These advances have given us features in hearing aids that even five years ago we couldn’t imagine. For example low-powered Bluetooth allows direct connection with your mobile phone for effortless and superb call quality. The latest sound processing strategies such as Oticon’s ‘Brainhearing’ on their OPN S range of hearing aids allows for clearer and more natural hearing in all environments. To make this technology more affordable all manufacturers offer a range of technology levels with each new model of hearing aid. This allows you to choose the features you need and not the one’s you don’t. For example Phonak’s top of the range hearing aids have an amazing ‘Speech in Car’ function that is incredibly effective at filtering out road noise. But if you rarely take car journey’s you may not need this feature.

Unlike other sizeable purchases such as cars, televisions etc there is a considerable amount of ongoing care and support required with hearing aids. Your dispenser might see you 3-5 times in the 1st year after your fitting and 2-3 times a year after this. 

So while the purchase price can seem to be high you are not just buying a device. You are getting ongoing access to highly skilled clinical support for the entire life of the hearing aids which can often keep working well for up to 10 years!

The old style steel syringes were unfortunately quite dangerous. The rubber seal over time would perish and become sticky leading to far too much pressure being applied. This could sometimes lead to perforated ear drums and chronic ear infections. 

These days we use purpose made pulse pressure ear irrigators that are very safe to use. As long as the ear is thoroughly dried after use post-treatment infection is very unlikely

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