Hearing Appointments

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Hearing Test

Full Diagnostic Assessment
£ 50
  • Examination of Ear Canals and Ear Drum
  • Full Diagnostic Hearing Test
  • Diagnostic Tympanometry Where Required
  • Copy of Test Results and Referral Letter Provided
  • Price of Assessment Deducted from Purchases over £500

Ear Wax Removal

Endoscopic Wax Micro Suction or Irrigation
£ 70
  • Before and after images taken of ear canals
  • You will only be charged once your ears have been successfully cleared
  • Ear Care Club Available for Patients with Regular Problems. Ask for Details
  • Please pre-treat your ears with olive oil 1-2 days prior to your appointment

Tinnitus Management Appointment

Expert Assessment and Treatment Programme
£ 165
  • Inspection of ear canals (otoscopy)
  • Diagnostic Hearing Assessment
  • Tinnitus Match
  • Application of Outcome Measure Questionnaires
  • Detailed explanation of hearing assessment and management of tinnitus

Hearing Aid Support

Don’t worry if you have just moved to Sheffield or purchased your devices elsewhere, we can still look after you!
£ 250 Per Device for One Year
  • On-boarding includes reassessment of your hearing, service and re-programming of your hearing aids
  • Includes All Consumable Items
  • All Aftercare Appointments Free of Charge
  • Access to Our Hearing Aid Club for Ongoing Care